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5/24 News Update

Shattered Heaven Episode 3 "The Diverging Paths" Released

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AR 102, two years after the Chimera ran rampant across the globe. The war between the Alliance and the EAP has continued to spread. In an unexpected development, an armistice is put into place, shocking the entire world. The ceo of Genesis Global, Lucius Malum, announces the "Azure Cup". A tournament that will revolutionize the way the world views Frames and their pilots. Unsure of the new world surrounding him, Adam Novus and his friends find themselves on board the space station, Prometheus, and register for the tournament. Still plagued by the loss of those closest to him, Adam continues to push through the shadows to unveil the truth. But when the truth reveals an even more twisted reality, one that puts the entire world in danger, what path will he choose?